Snagging Inspections

Price to be agreed depending on your inspection and reporting requirements, which I would be happy to discuss with you.

These are typically required where a building is recently constructed (or is in the process of being finished off) and is being purchased from a developer. The developer will likely have their own snagging regime in place to complete the build. However, there may be items left over that may not meet your expectations. I can produce a snagging list that I feel is a fair, objective reflection of what should be completed by the developer prior to handover. Typically, this will be completed on a building element basis externally (roofs, walls etc.) and room by room basis internally (living room, bedroom etc.), with a list of outstanding items and expected remedies noted against each item.


For example:

Item 1 - crack to ceiling - renew ceiling joint and make good decoration. 

This type of work is usually best quoted on a time charge basis rather than a fixed fee, as there can be a significant difference in the amount of snagging items depending on the size of property and the developer. 


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