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Schedules of Condition

Price to be agreed depending on your inspection and reporting requirements, which I would be happy to discuss with you.

exterior of industrial units

Schedules of Condition are generally used to record the condition of commercial premises at a point in time. They are usually completed and appended to a new lease to provide evidence of a building's condition prior to lease commencement. Tenants can use them to restrict their liability to giving a building back to a landlord in no worse condition at the end of the lease. You should take further advice from your Legal Adviser if you want this included within your lease terms.

Schedules of Condition are also relevant to Party Wall Awards (for both residential and commercial premises), they are usually included with Party Wall Awards to record the condition of an Adjoining Owner's property (neighbour's) before proposed building works commence. Should any damage occur during the works they can be used as a reference document to compare the condition of a property before and after the works. 

I normally provide Photographic Schedules of Condition with descriptive text referenced to photographs. The photographs provide a lot more information when reviewing the condition of the property at the end of a lease or following building works.  

These schedules are usually quoted on a fixed fee basis following a review of the property particulars or from an online search of the property. Party Wall Surveying work is usually undertaken on a time charge basis which would include producing Schedules of Condition.


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